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...if not playing?

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  • New on the market
    We bring to children's world new ideas and an appealing design which anticipates market trends.
  • Support children's developement
    We design products and events confronting ourselves with physicians and therapists specialized in pediatrics and child health.
  • Focus on quality
    We have extremely high quality standards, both for our own activities and in the choice of partners to cooperate with.
  • Designed for all
    We promote products and events accessible to all, including children with special needs. When it's time to play, it's better all together.
  • The LAM! project
  • Mission
The LAM! project started out considering the necessity to study toys and activities accessible also for kids with special needs, while making them stimulating for everyone.
  • It's better to learn while playing
    Playing, according to specialists, is one of the most important tools for learning for children and young people, in order to encourage sensory, motor and social skills, creativity and logic skills. We believe that it is not only important, but also possible to study products and events that promote the harmonious development of children and young people, and at the same time are beautiful and fun. In addition, we want what we design to send key values ​​such as fairness and inclusion.
  • "Designed for all" is good for everyone
    We aim to create our products and events accessible also to children and adolescents with special needs. Naturally, this does not imply that what we do is "exlusively for disabled", but the other way round. We focus on the stimuli which are the key to the correct development of all children and adolescents. In doing this, we seek solutions which hold true for a broader public of people focused on the intrinsic value of toys, infant care and playing activities.
Our mission is to give all children the right motivation to become tomorrow's men and women.
  • LAM! as an acronym of "Look At Me!"
    The name comes from the fact that when we are small, we are taught to look away from all that is different, including disability. We want to reverse this paradigm and say "Look at me", I'm here and I have your same needs to play and have fun with my peers as you do. As a concept, the project is based precisely on this: from the need expressed by some families with disabled children to have toys designed to meet the developmental needs of their children.
  • "Work on and with children"
    We embraced Bruno Munari's approach, whereby "not being able to change adults, I chose to work on and with children in order to raise better ones". We believe it to be crucial to teach them the value of equalty with patience and a firm belief. Only then we'll be able to give our society stronger foundations for the future.

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