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L'Associazione Incastri

The Incastri Association born in Gorizia on January 2015, aims to promote no-profit key values underlying the LAM! project, such as inclusion, the valorization of diversity and gaming. The Association is active mainly in the territory of the Province of Gorizia and Friuli Venezia Giulia, it is a no-profit organization and it is defined as a voluntary organization.
The objectives of the association, as established in the Charter, are as follows:
  • Promote and support through workshops, events, labs, recreational and educational activities, the concept of integration of children with disabilities with their peers with "typical development"
  • Promote the harmonious development of the child within the society through playing, with activities aimed at children and their parents / educators
  • Raising awareness on the issue of integration and children disability in general through conferences, meetings, art events, sports, culture and multimedia productions
  • Collaborate with associations, non-profit organizations, cooperatives, companies, clinics, institutions, other entities or associations and individuals for the purposes mentioned above
In addition to the two members of the LAM! Team, in the roles of the President (Anna) and the Secretary (Giovanna), the following people are part of the Executive Council:
  • Franca Braida (Vice President), educator with experience in the field of children education for almost thirty years, twenty of which were spent teaching in kindergartens.
  • Sara Corvaglia (Director), educator and teacher in kindergarten, is a graduate with a thesis on childhood disability
The programme of the activities for the following biennium has been structured. 2015 starts with laboratories focused on the inclusion of children with visual problems with children with "typical development". There is color, literature, animals, tools and philosophy: everything with the prerogative of accessibility. The activities are aimed at children between 4 and 10 years old (depending on the event)
2015 will also be the year for the first event aimed at the public in order to raise awareness regarding the issue of inclusion. The artist performing during the concert will be STEFANO BOLLANI, who agreed to perform pro bono at the Teatro Verdi in Gorizia on the 15th of May. The revenues of the concert, organized by the Incastri Association in collaboration with Look at Me S.r.l, will be donated to partner clinics of the project.

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