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What we do

  • Toys

    We study toys so that they are suitable to support the proper development of children and adolescents, including those with disabilities. In this we are supported by our scientific partners, both for what concerns the "technical specifications" that the products must have and also for field tests, made in order to prove the "designed for all " characteristics.
    Moreover, the toys are always designed keeping in mind the needs of children, teens, families. Through questionnaires and in-depth interviews we try to understand the needs and preferences of the public, also with regard to disability. Today we are fully operational on the design of "traditional" toys, while we are exploring the world of tech toy.
  • Events

    Playing means also interact with one's own peers, however, in these days, it is more difficult than ever for children and adolescents to meet and play together in a well though-out space. At the same time, many places are perceived as "too serious to play in", having yet tremendous potential to unfold our childrens' immagination and curiosity.
    So, why not to play in museums areas of public and private organizations? LAM! offers its creativity and leverages on specific consultancies from expert educators and therapists to structure workshops and recreational events. All of course, thought out to be accessible for all.
  • Publishing

    LAM! is exploring the field of publishing, aiming at making the books that are going to be produced more accessible, while introducing children to the theme of diversity as a strength. In fact, it is important to raise awareness regarding the acceptance of disability among children as early as possible during their childhood development.
    LAM! also aims at those that live and actively interact with children with disabilities, such as siblings, classmates and friends and therefore LAM! has come up with educational content that is also suitable for them.
    We strongly believe that reading has the power to open up the minds of children to new and stimulating worlds, made of words, pictures and imagination while also being a strong educational and useful tools for their development as individuals.
  • Consulting

    We are available to provide strategic design consultancies to companies focusing on the children space - from toys to infant care.
    In particular, LAM! serves other companies in the study, design, promotion and commercialization of products and services for childhood and adolescence.
    Naturally, while interfacing with our clients, we aim to bring forward all those values that we have embraced, starting from quality of our propositions and the "designed for all" concept as a whole.